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Juniper Networks EX4600 1GbE Ethernet switches
High-performance enterprise campus and data center switch

EX4600 Ethernet switches offer a compact, highly scalable, high-performance 10GbE solution for enterprise campus distribution deployments as well as low-density data center top-of-rack environments.

Designed to help organizations grow into higher density campuses, the EX4600 provides deployment flexibility, high availability using unified in-service software upgrades (unified ISSU), and management simplification with support for MC-LAG. The highly flexible, high-density EX4600 supports up to 40 1GbE ports, 72 10GbE ports, or 12 40GbE ports through installable modules, delivering 1.44 Tbps of Layer 2 and Layer 3 connectivity in a single rack unit.

The EX4600 also supports Juniper's Virtual Chassis technology, which allows up to 10 interconnected EX4600 and EX4300 switches to operate as a single, logical device.

EX4600 Ethernet Switches



  • 24 SFP+/SFP ports
  • 4 QSFP+ ports
  • 2 expansion slots
  • 1.44 Tbps Data Rate
  • 1.07 Bpps Throughput
  • 288,000 MAC Addresses
  • 4,096 VLAN
  • 128,000 IPv4 Unicast, 104,000 Multicast Routes
  • 64,000 IPv6 Unicast, 52,000 Multicast Routes
  • AFO (Front-to-back airflow) and AFI (Back-to-front airflow)