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Juniper Networks Care Software Advantage
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Juniper Networks Care Software Advantage


Juniper Care Software Advantage provides comprehensive maintenance support for your software applications:

  • Software Releases
  • 24x7 global support for all issues
  • Unlimited number of support requests
  • Options to escalate your cases at any time
  • Online support with access to tools, online forum, and Knowledge Base

Networking software has become increasingly important to the success of your business operation with the growing demand on mobile and cloudbased services. But to adequately protect and maximize your software investment requires an extensive support infrastructure to ensure software availability and reliability, and this presents increasing challenges with more advancing technologies and product innovations. Juniper Care Software Advantage can help you address these challenges and simplify your software operation.

Service Description

Juniper Care Software Advantage is designed to integrate software releases with comprehensive technical support to keep your critical software applications at optimal performance. At the same time, it increases your operational efficiency by leveraging Juniper's industry-leading expertise. Juniper Care Software Advantage service covers Juniper software applications such as Juniper Networks® Junos® Space, edge software, security, SDN and wireless applications-all to help extend and enhance the lifetime of your software products.

Features and Benefits:

Table 1: Juniper Care Software Advantage Features and Benefits

Feature Feature Description Benefit
Software Releases Unlimited access to Juniper's latest software updates, as well as upgrades (exclude products with chargeable software upgrade licenses) that may contain new features or enhanced functionality. Keeps your software up to date to ensure optimal performance. Simplifies your software administration process and reduces planning time and expenses associated with asset management.
Global 24x7 remote technical support with unlimited service requests Experienced engineers at Juniper Networks Technical Assistance Centers (JTACs) around the world can troubleshoot your system problem, restore your network, and resolve your software issue. Leverages Juniper's industryleading expertise and unique maintenance experience to optimize your business critical applications.
Online support Access to Juniper's online portal for software documentation, tools, and service options that include, but are not limited to, online case management, software downloads, technical alerts and bulletins, and Juniper Networks Knowledge Base. Provides comprehensive, fast, and efficient self-service options for your technical team's use, at their convenience, to increase your operational efficiency.

Juniper Care Software Advantage Entitlements

Software Releases

Maintaining the stability of your system and keeping your software at current release levels enhances business continuity and network efficiency. Juniper Care Software Advantage provides you with the latest workaround solutions or patches for reported software problems. It also provides you with maintenance releases and major upgrade releases, which may include new features and functionality (exclude products with chargeable software upgrade license).

When new releases are available, we notify you and work with you to determine which download is appropriate for your application. This helps you maintain a strong, reliable network and protect your critical business assets.

JTAC Access

Juniper Care Software Advantage gives you global unlimited 24/7/365 access to JTAC experts with extensive experience supporting large-scale networks. JTAC engineers provide remote diagnostic and problem resolution assistance, and they can also assist with configuring and applying periodic software updates and upgrades. Support can be requested both over the phone and online.

With our industry-leading support services, you can be confident that all high priority problems will be handled with a sense of urgency and a high level of efficiency. And, to ensure that JTAC responds as quickly as possible, you can request to escalate at any time, if you are not satisfied with the progress of your case. Automatic alerts to senior management are triggered on all high priority issues.

Online Tools

The Juniper Customer Support Center (CSC) provides you with self-service access to our award-winning portal for the information, tools, and service options required to ensure the support of your network investment. Features within the CSC include, but are not limited to, best-in-class Juniper Networks Knowledge Base, software bug search tool, online forum, product documentation, software downloads, technical alerts and bulletins, and the online case management application.


Juniper Care Software Advantage is available for purchase with a one (1) year or multi-year contract.

For software products that are licensed on a subscription basis and that Juniper Networks identifies as "subscription-based" in its product description or applicable product datasheet, the Services are included as part of the license fee. Services for all other eligible software products require payment of a separate fee to purchase services.

Juniper Networks Services and Support

Juniper Networks is the leader in performance-enabling services that are designed to accelerate, extend, and optimize your high-performance network. Our services allow you to maximize operational efficiency while reducing costs and minimizing risk, achieving a faster time to value for your network. Juniper Networks ensures operational excellence by optimizing the network to maintain required levels of performance, reliability, and availability.


Download the Juniper Networks Care Software Advantage Data Sheet (PDF).